2017 Candidates

A record number of women on the Democratic line

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Two women are heading the County ticket: 
Robin Lois for County Comptroller
Christi Acker for State Supreme Court.

Eight women are candidates for the county legislature:
Francena Amparo            County Leg 14     Wappinger
Hannah Black                  County Leg 4       Hyde Park
Rebecca Edwards             County Leg 6      Town/Poughkeepsie
Laurette Giardino            County Leg 12     East Fishkill
Helen Grosso                   County Leg 23     Pawling/Beekman
Barbara Jeter-Jackson     County Leg 10     City/Poughkeepsie
Pam Kingsley                   County Leg 5       Town/Poughkeepsie
Keltie McCormick            County Leg 17      Fishkill

Five women are running on the Democratic line for town supervisor:
Darrah Cloud                   Dover
Linda French                    Dover
Aileen Rohr                      Hyde Park
Elizabeth Spinzia             Rhinebeck
Patty Tompkins               Union Vale

Many other women are candidates for local town and city offices:
Sadler Bakst                    Union Vale                  Town Council
Jacqueline Bardini           Fishkill                        Town Board
Sarah Brannen                City/Poughkeepsie      Ward 4
Natasha Cherry               City/Poughkeepsie      Ward 6
Jill Fieldstein                   Dover                           Town Board
Ann Finney                      City/Poughkeepsie      At-Large
Amber Grant                    Beacon                         Ward 4
Lorraine Johnson             City/Poughkeepsie      Ward 3
Christine Kane                 Red Hook                     Town Board
Dawn Marie Klingner      Amenia                        Town Clerk
Catherine Larkin              Pleasant Valley           Town Board
Jessica Lopez                    Town/Poughkeepsie   Ward 3
Jodi McCredo                    Beacon                         Ward 3
Janelle Mendez                Wappinger                   Ward 2
Ann Perry                         City/Poughkeepsie      Ward 5
Joy Poskitt                        Union Vale                   Town Justice
Maribeth Rubenstein       Millbrook                     Village Trustee
Sarah Salem                     City/Poughkeepsie       Ward 2
Ann Shershin                   Town/Poughkeepsie    Ward 6
Emily Svenson                 Hyde Park                     Ward 1
Cindy Todd                       Hyde Park                    Receiver of Taxes
Jeri Wagner                      Fishkill                         Town Clerk
Cheryl Wallace                 Wappinger                   Ward 3