DDWC Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the President, the 1st Vice President, the 2nd Vice President (optional), the Secretary, the Treasurer, the immediate past President, all other past Presidents to the extent that they are willing to serve, and several Members-at-Large. The executive committee may also name ex-officio members to participate on the executive committee; typically ex-officio members are women serving in County level positions.

The executive committee is elected at the annual meeting which is typically held in January.

  • 2020 Officers: Three year terms; date is end of term
    Jan. 2023 – President – Amber Grant (first term)
    Jan. 2023 – Vice President – Kenya Gadsden (first term)
    Jan. 2023 – Treasurer – Jill Fieldstein (first term)
    Jan. 2023 – Secretary – Brenda Cagle (first term)
  • 2020 At-Large Members: Terms vary; date is end of term
    Jan. 2023 – Mary Benkhart
    Jan. 2021 – Debra Blalock
    Jan. 2022 – Sarah Imboden
    Jan. 2023 – Judy Canham
    Jan. 2023 – Joan Mandle
    Jan. 2022 – Clara Masters
    Jan. 2023 – Marion Mathison
    Jan. 2021 – Wendy McCarthy
    Jan. 2023 – Cathy McNary
    Jan. 2023 – Joan Posner
    Jan. 2021 – Polly Pitts-Gavin
    Jan. 2022 – Peggy Ross
    Jan. 2022 – Julie Shiroishi
    Jan. 2021 – Sandi Sonnenfeld
  • Past Presidents Serving on Executive Committee:
    C. Diane Ruffin
    Mary Hannon Williams
  • Ex Officio:
    Beth Soto, Democratic County Elections Commissioner
    Elisa Sumner, DCDC Chair
    Robin Lois, Dutchess County Comptroller