Applicants for endorsement must be women or men seeking the Democratic Party line. Women who are registered Democrats may also apply for funding.

DDWC endorsement means approval of a candidate’s qualifications and platform and a recommendation of the candidate to the voting public in DDWC communications. Information about endorsed candidates including events can be sent by DDWC to our email list.

If you seeking endorsement or funding, please feel out the appropriate form below and email them to Note the first form is for  candidates seeking a lawmaker position; the second form is for those seeking to be elected to a judiciary role.

2020 Endorsement form vF

2020 Judicial Endorsement form vF

In the meantime, the following female Democratic candidates have already filed to run for office in 2020:

Didi Barrett (Re-elect to NY State Assembly, District 106)

Kenya Gadsden (Candidate for Fishkill Town Board)

Laurette Giardino (Candidate for New York State Assembly, 105th)

Jessica Segal (Candidate for Dutchess County Judge)

Karen Smythe (Candidate for State Senate District 41)