Our endorsement signifies approval of the candidate’s qualifications and platform and a recommendation to the voting public to support the campaign. This endorsement validates the candidate’s support of issues important to women including achieving pay equity, ending sexual harassment, removing discrimination and supporting a women’s freedom of choice.

We endorse the following candidates in the 2021 election:

County Comptroller

Robin Lois

Family Court Judge

Rachel Saunders

Dutchess County Legislature

Pamela Kingsley, District 5

Rebecca Edwards, District 6

Sarina A. Teuschler, District 7

Brennen Kearney, District 11

John Bohuniek, District 15

Yvette Valdes Smith, District 16

Nick Page, District 18

Claire Owens, District 19

Eric Eckley, District 21

Barbara Walsh, District 22

Tyler Irish, District 24

City of Poughkeepsie

Sarah Salem, Councilmember At-Large

City of Beacon

Greg Johnston, City Court Judge

Molly Rhodes, Councilmember Ward 1

Wren Longno, Councilmember Ward 3

Dan Aymar-Blair, Councilmember Ward 4


Michael Whitton, Town Supervisor

Charles Dykas, Town Board

Eliot Werner, Town Board


Martha (Marty) Henry, Town Board

Ildiko Orlando, Town Board

Town of Fishkill

Jacqueline Bardini, Councilmember

Kenya Gadsden, Councilmember

East Fishkill

Tameka Santiago, Councilmember


Sara Foglia, Assessor


Steve Goldberg, Mayor

Pine Plains

Darrah Cloud, Town Supervisor

Diane Woolis, Town Board

Poughkeepsie (Town)

Barbara Pallazzo, Town Supervisor

Rose Ann Valencia, Receiver of Taxes

Alexandra Bopp, Councilmember Ward 1

Alana Sawchuk, Councilmember Ward 3

Coral Santos, Councilmember Ward 4

Chris Parks, Councilmember Ward 5

Ann Shershin, Councilmember Ward 6

Red Hook

Christine Kane, Board Member

Julia Solomon, Board Member


Lisa E. Rubenstein, Town Justice


Wendy Burton, Town Supervisor

Anne K. Arent, Town Councilperson

Nathan Lavertue, Town Councilperson

Town of Wappinger

Robin Licari, Town Supervisor

Heather O’Dell, Councilmember Ward 2

Kathleen Dailey, Councilmember Ward 4

NYS Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District

Thomas R. Davis

James Hyer

Christie D’Alessio

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates!

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