DDWC’s 2022 Endorsements

This is an updated list of all our endorsed candidates for the 2022 General Election to be be held Tuesday, November 8.

U.S. State House of Representatives

Pat Ryan (18th District)

New York State Senate

Michelle Hinchey – 41st District

Julie Shiroisi – 39th District

New York State Assembly

Sarahana Shrestha – 103rd District

Jill Fieldstein – 105th District

Didi Barrett – 106th District

Dutchess County Sheriff

Jillian Hanlon

NY Supreme Court – 9th Judicial District

Keri A. Fiore

2 thoughts on “DDWC’s 2022 Endorsements

  1. Aren’t you endorsing Pat Ryan for the new CD 18, and for the special election on Aug 23 for current CD 19 (against Marc Molinaro)?


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