Say No to Book Bans in Dutchess County

A recent lawsuit challenging Oklahoma’s new law restricting the teaching of critical race theory alleges that the approved reading list only allows books by white authors. And a recent analysis of the 850 books Texas lawmakers want banned revealed that 62% feature LGBTQ+ characters or situations.

DDWC Stands Against Racial Injustice and for Positive Change

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Dimas Diaz. Stephanie Quiroz. Jimmy Atchinson. These are just five of the 1,038 Americans who have been killed by police over the past 12 months. All five were unarmed and all were people of color. Indeed, according to data from the Washington Post, African-Americans are more than twice as likely andContinue reading “DDWC Stands Against Racial Injustice and for Positive Change”