Why I Want to Be Your Assembly Member

Jill Fieldstein for State Assembly

by Jill Fieldstein

We are emerging from two of the worst years New York has ever experienced due to the economic, medical, educational and social trauma inflicted by the pandemic. While the economic outlook here in Dutchess is considerably better than many other parts of the state, towns and villages such as Dover Plains (17.7%), Millerton (16.9%) and Millbrook (11.5%) experience poverty rates up to double that of Dutchess County overall, and as much as four points above the national average. Moreover, 37% of the Dutchess County population face food insecurities and are ineligible for assistance –14.1% are children under the age of 18.*

New opportunities for the 105th District
But things are finally improving. With New York at the intersection of major change, including $12.6 billion in federal economic recovery aid to be used through the end of 2024, we have the opportunity to not only to rebuild crucial infrastructure, but to move toward a more sustainable energy grid, to attract new industries and good-paying jobs to our area, to ensure that our students are prepared for a changing future, and to enhance services for our aging population.

Yet for close to 10 years, the 105th district has been represented by an Assemblyman who BRAGS about the more than $500,000 in state funding he left on the table – money that could have been spent on supporting libraries, schools and programs to benefit our District.   

That’s why we now need someone in Albany who is going to fight to bring our fair share of those funds into this District.  I will fight:

  • for the infrastructure dollars to improve roads, bridges and public transportation
  • for dollars to bring more green energy into the district
  • to attract entrepreneurs to bring new industries and good paying jobs into the district
  • for educational dollars to ensure that our students are adequately prepared for a changing future, and
  • for health and social services dollars to ensure that our aging population gets the support, care and help they need. 

Why me?
I have never shied away from hard work to help make our community a better place for all.  In addition to my private law practice, I’ve worked for the Dutchess County Board of Elections and am currently the Business Manager for the Louis August Jonas Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing compassionate and responsible leadership skills in promising young people.  I’m an active member of Dover’s volunteer fire department and founded Solutions for a Better Dover, which brings community members together to engage in projects to benefit Dover, such as encouraging residents to “shop local,” and establishing a farmer’s market.  I also serve as the Chair of the Dover Democratic Committee and the treasurer of the Dutchess Democratic Women’s Caucus. 

Join me
I am committed to using my energy, tenacity and negotiating skills to be an effective, caring and compassionate member of the New York State Assembly. But I cannot do so alone. I hope that you will join me in helping to bring a brighter future to fruition for all in the 105th District.

*https://www.dutchesscap.org/Dutchess County CNA Final-2.pdf

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